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London Child Protection Procedures and Practice Guidance

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Updated 2nd October 2017

Revised Guidance

The Editorial Board would like to highlight that a number of chapters have been significantly revised and all amendments can be accessed in the section Amendments and Archives.

Consultations: Update

The Editorial Board of the London Child Protection Procedures is holding a consultation on the revised London Competency Framework prior to it being incorporated into Part B: Practice Guidance. The consultation will run from 26th January to 18th February 2018 with a view to it being added to Part B in the next update at the end of March 2018.

This is a short chapter outlining the level of training required by professionals and volunteers to meet their safeguarding responsibilities. Also available, is the Training Evaluation and Impact Analysis Framework developed in partnership with the London Safeguarding Children Board and which is referenced in the Competency Framework.

Please send any comments to Alison Renouf, manager of the London Safeguarding Children Board: alison.renouf@londoncouncils.gov.uk.

Six Monthly Updates:

The London Child Protection Procedures are updated on a six monthly basis with the relevant changes to legislation, statutory guidance and local guidance. The most recent update took place on 2nd October 2017 and the changes can be viewed in the section Amendments and Archives. Urgent changes are sometimes made in response to recommendations from Serious Case Reviews or inspections of agencies.

Users of the manual are advised to sign up for regular notifications of any changes made to the manual contents and to receive useful Briefing notes on a range of topics relevant to LSCBs. This can be done by clicking on the 'Register for Updates' button located at the top of this page.

The next update will be the 31st March 2018 - or the nearest working day following this date. Any comments or suggested changes for this update should be forwarded to Alison Renouf by February 1st 2018.

If you have any queries regarding the London Child Protection Procedures please contact Alison Renouf, Board Manager for the London Safeguarding Children Board: alison.renouf@londoncouncils.gov.uk or call 020 7934 9714.

Thresholds: A Continuum of Help and Support can be accessed here and via the tab above. This is a tool intended to assist practitioners to make decisions about the best course of action, when they have concerns about a child.


Chair of the Editorial Board


Steve Liddicott

Interim Head of Service
Access and Assessment
Children and Young People's Service

London Borough of Hackney

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