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31st March 2017

In the most recent update to the London Child Protection Procedures on 31st March 2017, changes were made to the post-birth procedures where a child has been subject to a pre-birth child protection plan [Part A: Child Protection Conferences - 4.1.22]. These changes were an initial draft and the intention was to consult on the revised wording before the changes were made. Unfortunately, there was a breakdown in communication and the changes went live as part of the March update. The Editorial Board of the London CP Procedures has decided to revert back to the pre-March version of the post-birth procedures in order that the consultation on the changes can take place as planned.


Part A amendments:


  • Responding to Concerns of Abuse and Neglect - A brief paragraph has been added to Section 1.1, ‘Concept of significant harm’ as paragraph 1.1.6 and briefly references ‘peer on peer’ abuse.

    A new section has been added as 1.9, Non-recent (Historical) Abuse.
  • Child Protection Conferences - The previous timescale of ‘3 months’ in paragraph 4.1.17 as defining ‘permanently’ has been removed.

    A bullet point has been added in paragraph 4.9.8 about hospital admissions.

    In the previous update, Section 4.2 dealing with ‘Children Looked After and Children subject of Child Protection Plans’ the review process, was amended to clarify the importance of keeping the two planning processes aligned and in the best interest of the child as set out in a range of statutory guidance linked in the chapter.
  • Implementation of Child Protection Plans - A new paragraph has been added as 5.2.3 relating to hospital admissions.
  • Allegations against staff or volunteers, who work with children - In Section 7.1 the first paragraph has been reworded for clarification. In paragraph 7.2.11, text was added at the end of paragraph 1 and new paragraph at the end. A sentence has been added to paragraph 7.2.19 at the end and ‘Historical abuse is now referred to as Non-recent (Historical) abuse’. In paragraph 7.7.6 a bullet point was added: ’Education and Library Boards’.

Part B amendments:


  • Roles and Responsibilities - Paragraph 3.10.7, Early Years Service was amended.
  • Risk Management of Known Offenders - Minor amendments to the text have been made as some agencies and legal orders have been updated. Similarly links have been updated. Some new sections have been added such as paragraph 12.3.5, and Section 3 has been updated throughout. Paragraphs 12.4.7 and 12.4.17 have been amended and added to. The text in paragraphs 12.7.34 and 12.7.39 has been updated.
  • Children with Disabilities - A link to the Equality Act 2010 has been added in Section 1.1 but the definition of disability remains the same.
  • Safeguarding Children from Sexual Exploitation - The definition of Child Sexual Exploitation has been updated in Section 7.2 as the DfE definition was updated in February 2017. See Child sexual exploitation Definition and a guide for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation February 2017.
  • Safeguarding Trafficked and Exploited Children - A new link has been added in paragraph 9.13.2 in relation to the Duty to notify in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • Children Visiting Prisons - This has been replaced by a new chapter as the national guidance has been updated.
  • Safeguarding children at risk of abuse through female genital mutilation (FGM) - This chapter has been updated in the following sections:
    • Section 25.2, Definitions – where the WHO most recent definitions have been applied;
    • Section 25.6 and Section 25.9 – where the text under the heading ‘Mandatory reporting’ has been expanded to clarify the current legislation.
    • Appendix 2: Guidance - The following documents were added:
      • National FGM Centre: an evaluation (Research report) January 2017;
      • The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime Female Genital Mutilation Early Intervention Model: An Evaluation (Research report) January 2017.
  • Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children - This is a new chapter.
Updated Terminology
  • Historical abuse - this is now referred to as Non-recent (Historical) abuse.

Next Update: 31st September 2017


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